My Whitelist Application

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My Whitelist Application

Postby baileyr9350 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:38 am

Ingame Name: fuzz9350

Where are you from?: Midwestern United States

Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: Small communities are a better place to make real connections with the people I play with. Half the fun of minecraft is being able to share your creations and gameplay with others, and this is much more fun when you can actually get to know the other people on the server.

What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a SMP gameplay?: I like SMP because of the challenge and variety -- nothing is ever the same, and you have to be resourceful and creative to make cool stuff when you're in survival mode. I think this results in better builds because you have to think more carefully, and a better community because there's more incentive to team up and share ideas/resources.

Tell us something about yourself: I'm a college student with a pet parrot! I love birds, and especially love that they've been incorporated into minecraft.

What is your specialty in minecraft?: I like to build things that incorporate into the natural landscape, taking advantage of the features that have already been generated.

Why should we accept you?: I've been playing minecraft for about 10 years now -- it was a major part of my later years of growing up (many of those years were played with DanerPls, a current member of the server :) ). Because of this, minecraft holds a special place in my heart, and I want to keep it there. My contributions to the server will come from a genuine love for minecraft and the community.

What is your discord name?(Ex: Player#1234): lettersbyowl#4557
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Re: My Whitelist Application

Postby Pizzanakin » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:28 am

Accepted! Welcome to the server :mrgreen:

I've sent you a friend invite on discord! If you accept it, I can add you to the server discord as well.
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