An oldie, but a goodie application.

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An oldie, but a goodie application.

Postby Troublord » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:09 pm

Ingame Name: Troublord, if someone is old enought they might know me as Luk_Alva
Where are you from?: Spain
Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: Has always been my kind of thing, since ol' good days of WW3 SAMP server, having a limited number of players let's you at least know most of the population. It's better if you kinda know who you're playing with, ain't it?
What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a SMP gameplay?: I do enjoy the world resets that come from time to time. The chaos, the races to get the best places; right up my alley.
Tell us something about yourself: 23, been playing games since 5, studied chemichal engineering and I have a black belt in Judo. So basically i'm Vladimir Putin but a bit more handsome.
What is your specialty in minecraft?: I love me some underground bases. With lot's of secret passages. And treehouses. Building on the ground ain't my kind of thing.
Why should we accept you?: I'm a pretty chill guy, mostly well liked and well manered. Just a great addition to any community online. I did play here for a bit a couple of years ago with the old gang (Aribaba, CharlieCS, and SolidJGS) and i'm trying to see if I stil have a knack for it.
What is your discord name?(Ex: Player#1234): Troublord #4489
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Re: An oldie, but a goodie application.

Postby TheJonLondon » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:44 pm

Accepted(although you were already on the whitelist because when you change your name -> still stays on whitelist). The IP is and I sent you a discord friend request. Welcome back :)
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