Ideas for the summer reset

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Ideas for the summer reset

Postby TheJonLondon » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:27 pm

These are the ideas that staff and some players have accumulated for the past month or so. I tried to keep the descriptions as short as possible and to the point, since I want you to actually read it. You have an opportunity to vote for what you like here(just open another tab and vote as you read)

LINK TO SURVEY ... g/viewform
The reset will likely happen in June with the 1.13 update.

Remember to click the spoiler button for each idea to get more info on it

Idea 1: Permanent City
In an attempt to keep people playing throughout the map, we have considered adding a permanent city that gets transferred from map to map. About every 40 days or so, you'll be able to get another plot from this city and continue working on the project. It's something that could really bring people together to work on a project that lasts pretty much forever. Since its permanent, you can still work on it even if a reset would be happening soon. There would be some limits, such as no building with extremely valuable objects. So for example, you wouldn't be able to build things out of diamond blocks, wither skulls, etc. since this is getting moved from map to map. The plots won't be gigantic either(plots will vary in terms of builds however).

Idea 2: Creative Server
This has been recommended a bit throughout, so I figure it is worth a shot. So the idea is to have a creative server where you can basically either work on maps for events or work on any project for the server. Also gives you the freedom to work with people together in terms of planning things. We could also add worldguard to this world to protect projects. Keep in mind however, that worldedit commands would likely have limits placed on them since we don't want people crashing the server(also tbh, it takes time to know what actually crashes the server and doesn't, so probably best to just have some limits).

Idea 3: No Whitelist or Temporary No Whitelist with voting
Probably the only real controversial one. Basically as it sounds, we would temporarily remove the whitelist and add voting in an attempt to maximize the player base. Obviously this is to try to make the server more active. Now I get it, you don't want more trolls and ridiculous people on the server. If the whitelist is removed, we would expand the staff team to filter out the bad players. Its frustrating to see the server go inactive after the usual three months after a reset, and I feel as though maybe removing the whitelist, at least temporarily, could be a positive. Also adding voting where you guys can help us advertise our server could help.

Idea 4: Battle Arena's
To keep this short, you'll be able to pvp in these arena's 24/7 and these arena's will be very simple and quick to use. Somewhere at spawn there will be a sign that tp's you to an arena where you'll automatically be given the gear you can use. Then once you die/leave the arena, you'll be given back your original gear and items. Basically its like jumping into a sub-server but you stay on main. This will let you pvp 24/7 without worrying about losing items/putting on gear, etc. Should be a fun and fast experience.

Idea 5: Skywars Subserver Open Nearly 24/7
To keep this short and sweet, basically the skywars server would be open every single day for anyone to go play in. There will also likely be a TEAM mode now in skywars(it was updated into the plugin), we just have to test it.

Idea 6: Expand Staff Team
More helpers and mods, everyone jumps and votes yes for this obviously

Idea 7: Dragon Tournament
Basically just a tournament between clans and the winner gets all 7 dragon eggs(the ones that grant a wish).
I don't have full specifics for the tournament, but basically you'll all start with nothing in an arena, and then I'd proceed to give you all certain items with /give every few mins. You have to knock out/kill people to win the tournament and the people who end up having the most players remaining from their clan team ends up winning the eggs. The dragon eggs wish would have more limits placed on them than I intended previously. So like, don't expect me to grant a wish for 10000 diamond blocks when the map just started out lol. I'd do more reasonable wishes.

Idea 8: Others mentioned
Some others mentioned that could theoretically be done are: auction system, admin store that sells hard to get items, dynmap for dream dimension(obvi will be done for next map), ranks/titles and more. If you like any of these, just say so in the survey. Just write it out for idea 8.


If you are interested in helping build spawn, please private message me on discord/on here. We need all the help we can get!
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