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The Rose Knights [Clan]

Postby rose » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:29 pm

Members: Clan Name: Rose Knights
Clan Tag: RK
Members: RoseDragonX,ShadowLilac,McTeo,Scorpion142
Background Lore: Long ago there was a city in the desert called "dragon shrine" the people in that city lived in harmony with the magical dragon that controlled this universe. The dragon had the power to shape reality and make peoples wishes come true. People of the city prey to the dragon and made him there god and in turn he made there wishes come true.People from all around the world came to see the magical dragon powers and try to make there wish come true but the dragon only made the wishes of the town people or people that prey and he deemed day a man appeared from the shadows in the city claiming that the city isn't worthy of the dragon power because they kept it for them self for to long and he is here to claim the power in the name of the shadows.the man stole the dragon eggs and trapped the dragon in a spell.the dragon could no longer make the wishes of the people come true but the man promised that who ever will collect all 7 dragon eggs will have the chance to make a wish.people in the city started dying because after year of living from the dragon wishes most of them couldn't live without them, others from the city explored the desert in a try to find the 7 dragon eggs but they never did. 1 of the dragon egg was founded not to long ago and then we decided to make our group and try to find the eggs to make a wish so the dragon get his powers back while making sure no other kingdom rises to power to make sure that when the dragon comes back to rule the libercraft multiverse no one try to stop him.
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