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The tale of Clan Unknown [Clan]

Postby MissPerdyBlack » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:28 pm

Clan Name: Clan Unknown

Clan Tag: UNK

Members: MissPerdyBlack, bway15, valtterj, YohanScmiht, homesteadminer

Background Lore:

After the fall of the only kingdom they had ever known, two young women went on a quest to start their own.
One fateful night while on the search for a safe place to camp the two women ended up surrounded by a horde of mobs ready to kill them. As they closed their eyes ready for it all to end a knight in shinning armour came out of the shadows and saved them. However this man was no knight but instead a warrior that once server the high kingdom that fell in the Liber war. The women were so grateful that he saved their lives, they offered him the role of head warrior in their kingdom but only if he promised to teach them the art of war. He agreed and the three of them went in search of a kingdom.

Weeks passed and the three of them still had not found anywhere to settle, when they came across a massacred village. As they searched the ruined and laid the dead to rest they found one survivor. The villages farmer, he was gravely injured and the two women decided they could not leave him to die. So they pleaded with the warrior to save him. Unfortunately he did not have the powers needed to do so but he had heard of a tale about a powerful wizard who lived in the mountain that might just be powerful enough. The three of them picked the farmer up and went to find this wizard.

After days of walking and carrying the farmer, the women and the warrior were exhausted and unable to carry on. They all decided to make camp at the bottom of some mountains and rest for a few days. when out of nowhere a flash of light zapped in front of their eyes and there he stood, the wizard they had been searching for. When the wizard saw how bad the four people were he teleported them straight to his tower on top of these mountains. There he gave the farmer the aid he needed.

It took days for the farmer to recover from his injuries but in the mean time the five of them because unlikely friends. This lead to the two women deciding that they did not want a kingdom where their New friends weren’t there. So they pleaded with the farmer and wizard to join them. When they agreed they all set off in search of the perfect kingdom once again.

No one really knows who they really are or where they settled.But the tale of the five friends have been passed down for generations, many believing that the “unknowns” are still alive today thanks to the wizards potions.

But that has yet to have been proven......
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