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The Duck Pirate Shop

Postby qwert11111 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:27 am

The Duck Pirate Shop ran by Qwert11111

The shop can be characterized by a giant water hole and a floating boat in the middle. Everything in the shop is sold for iron, as to be accessible to new players. To find it you can follow the right fork in the main path from spawn and if you keep going down the road you'll take your next left, go just a bit father and you'll see it.

Some of the things that are sold are bread, diamonds, seeds, and tools. If you are finding yourself unlucky in finding diamonds, and would like to exchange iron for it, you can do that at a rate of 9 iron per diamond (or 1 iron block). If you need food but don't want to spend precious diamonds on it at other stores, you can come and get a half stack of bread for just 9 iron! :D

Anyway, come down to my shop. Stuff is outrageously cheap, it's not even diamond priced. Anyone and everyone can and should come blow all your iron on cheap goods that you'd rather not waste time getting yourself.
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