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Postby Mihnea » Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:49 pm

<Megan2>: (Kyranio) or i think so
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) Arrows i had a sign on my door and sign in my spawner and someone broke in and killed me
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) I OPEN MY DOOR AND 10 ZOMBIES COME IN
<Megan2>: (Blazerboy123) i just joined after maybe a week of inactivity, and my iron door and bed are missing
<Megan2>: (Nikotep) Suede did you get your stuff back?
<Megan2>: (Suede007) nope
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Logan
<Megan2>: [Blazerboy123 disconnected]
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Whi did you killed me?
<Arrows73>: We (=admins) will probably add a plugin to turn off PVP
<Megan2>: (Suede007) arrows
<Arrows73>: Its non-vanilla but i think everyone gets fed up with the guys just killing everyone
<Megan2>: [SniperSling connected]
<Arrows73>: Hi
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) DON'T (
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Arrows, don't do it
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) for ur stuff he took mine to he took my stuff
<Megan2>: (SniperSling) Aw man Dynmap is so cool!
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) It's ok with PVP
<Megan2>: (Suede007) can you check mc forums for a PM
<Megan2>: (Nikotep) IT would be nice if there was like a certain area of the map that was a pvp zone
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) im on a killing spree.. the next on ei see i want to kill.
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) make it were its no pvp in regions
<Arrows73>: Hmm yeah I will definitively make the spawn town non-pvp
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) Arrows, can you make me trusted? want to make stone generator
<Megan2>: Suede007 was slain by Kyranio using Irene
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) me too plox?
<Megan2>: (Suede007) WHAT THE HELL
<Megan2>: [rebelwright connected]
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hey i arned you.
<Arrows73>: Im not that active so every mod does that xD But not me
<Arrows73>: Hi rebel
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) hey arrows
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) aRROWS
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) arrows
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) Pizzanakin
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) can u add headplox again?
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) caps
<Megan2>: (amlogan) who was hitting me???
<Megan2>: (Suede007) NO
<Megan2>: [rebelwright disconnected]
<Megan2>: (Suede007) THIS IS BULL
<Megan2>: [rebelwright connected]
<Megan2>: (amlogan) who was hitting me???
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) mob?
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) Suede, pleace dont use caps in chat.
<Megan2>: (amlogan) no some1
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) so arrows
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) It might get you banned.
<Megan2>: [SniperSling disconnected]
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) You didn't saw?
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) can u add it again?
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) STAHP
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) warning everyone now... come in my private areas again you all die
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Who killed you?
<Megan2>: (amlogan) i know what u mean....
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) come here rebel
<Megan2>: (Suede007) kyranio
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) Suede, pleace stop using spam.
<Megan2>: (Suede007) kyranio,please stop killing people
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) k
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) suede
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) i will make a town
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) No pvp in there
<Megan2>: (jellecraft2000) some1 wanna buy arrows or bones?
<Megan2>: (Suede007) no i will not join
<Megan2>: (Suede007) srry maybe later
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) seriously ky you killed me now your killing others?
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) ok
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hi nick
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) hi kyran
<Megan2>: (Suede007) man this is bullshit
<Megan2>: (Elernia) yeah.. I think I could use a pvp off setting
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) i know
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) suede file another complaint this is some bs
<Megan2>: (amlogan) hi nick
<Megan2>: (Nikotep) Some people just want to see the world burn
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) no pvp is fun
<Megan2>: (amlogan) im friend of kyranio
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Pvp is fun
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) follow me
<Megan2>: (Suede007) arrows please set off pvp
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) not that
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) king
<Megan2>: (Suede007) and ban a few people
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) were here
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) pvp is fun sometimes
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) pvp is good
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) wat ky
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) PVP is phun
<Megan2>: (Suede007) make pvp zones
<Megan2>: rebelwright was slain by amlogan
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) wow lol
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) no
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) NOT PVP ZONES LOL
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) good job
<Megan2>: (Suede007) not step ou tof spawn and Get SLAIN BY KYRANIO
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) just add a worldguard region= no PVP
<Megan2>: (Suede007) to the forums to file a commplaint
<Megan2>: (Elernia) I'm so paranoid that I haven't been to spawn since I started
<Megan2>: (Elernia) which was not too long time ago but still
<Megan2>: (Nikotep) xD
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hi guys
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) hi
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) i will make a town, WG protected and defensive wall
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) yo ky
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hi
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) waddup
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) WG on plots
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) Sounds nice Andrei
<Megan2>: (amlogan) hey mace
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) suede dont forget to put me in it, i got killed to in a private area
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) doin good
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) aw yea
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) you?
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) xd
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) arrowu should be able to take pvp from people who abuse t
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) rebel u coming
<Megan2>: macedovictor was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting amlogan
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) btu i am not that andrei lol
<Megan2>: (Suede007) yeah i know ive got a few people to complain against
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) well
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) amlogan takes ur stuff
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) logan is lucky cuz i'm lag
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) i was gonna go make a town
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) its ok
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) i just had some junk
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) but i lag
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) Is the a forest near spawn with spruce trees
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) there*
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) he took my diamond rebel
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) who
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) amlogan
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) that sucks
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) what we doing
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) use those to get away then do / home ok
<Megan2>: (Suede007) I actually can not fully enjoy this beacuse people like kyranio lukerick22 and others keep killing m
<Megan2>: (Suede007) me*
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) king where we going
<Megan2>: [Doctor_Thatguy connected]
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hi suede
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) how is your day
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) do i neeed sword?
<Megan2>: (Suede007) what the hell do you want
<Megan2>: (Suede007) dick
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) dont insult
<Megan2>: (Nikotep) Kyranio do you need to poke the angry badger....
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) sorry LP
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) what r u building nick?
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) read the sign
<Megan2>: (Suede007) idc this is really annoying me the fact that people have to kills others for no reason
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) aw ok
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) well its obvious
<Megan2>: (SirLeeuwenKlauw) I feel the same way
<Megan2>: macedovictor was slain by MineLarsCrafter
<Megan2>: (amlogan) NICE
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) were coming for him...
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) thanks lars
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Mine
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) my items please
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hey lars can i have the stuff he hadf
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) he shot us...
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) pvpers
<Megan2>: (amlogan) it was my dia sword
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) and ur in our team
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Minelars
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Minelrs
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) kyranio
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) yes
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) noo
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) maybe we will hire you as the gladiator group of the Roman LEgion
<Megan2>: (Suede007) kyranio couldnt really have warned us beacuse the chat was going to quickly
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) rebel noo
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) wut
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) MineLarsCrafter killed me
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) lol
<Megan2>: (Suede007) so your warning was bs kyranio
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) hey lars
<Megan2>: (amlogan) lol i got more kills then kyranio
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) it has sensor
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) meet at spawn
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Give me back My Itens please
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) your items?
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) yea
<Megan2>: (amlogan) DONT GIVE BACK
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) sword and bo
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) bow
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Why not? you killed me twice too
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Please Mine
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) nah
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) rebel u coming
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Why not?
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) i need it
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Mine
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) I need it too
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) Logan give him his stuff back
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Really
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Gimme back Mine
<Megan2>: (amlogan) i dont have it i didnt kill him...
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) doctor
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) MineLars PLEASE
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) yeah
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) I guess someone is mad lol
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) MineLars
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) kyran
<Megan2>: (Fr3e4gent) doctor be careful to much killing and drama right now
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) MINELARS
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) u got rid of andrei the PVPer
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) thx free
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) I got killed 3 times
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) and u started to be him?
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) Wat?
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Give me back man
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) sup
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) they all were jerks last night so i no respond to them
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) ah
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) i see
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) at this point its not going to stop so f it
<Megan2>: (Suede007) k warning/ban complaint sent in
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) hi doc
<Megan2>: (king_savage13) wat is this
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) Mine Lars Crafter Please
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) hey vlad
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) IF you need help ask for it, don't kill me
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) ok postin smthin on forums
<Megan2>: (jellecraft2000) Pizza?
<Megan2>: (jellecraft2000) some body knows much abouts pc's / tablets?
<Megan2>: (Suede007) kyranio may i have my stuff back or you gonna be a jackass and run of with it
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) i do
<Megan2>: (rebelwright) what spawner do you guys use?
<Megan2>: (jellecraft2000) tablets too?
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) MineLars, please bro gimme my stuff back
<Megan2>: (VladAndreiCav) what do you need to know jelle?
<Megan2>: (MineLarsCrafter) too late
<Megan2>: MineLarsCrafter fell out of the world
<Megan2>: (Doctor_Thatguy) g lil bit
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) OMG
<Megan2>: (macedovictor) YOU DIED WITH MY STUFF?
<Megan2>: (meneernickpik) Say hasta la vista to your stuff
<Megan2>: (jellecraft2000) is the: Asus transformer pad FT300T + Docking good?
<Megan2>: (Kyranio) HAHAHAHA
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Postby TheHiddey » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:06 pm

Seems like every day a discussion like this is going on.
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Postby Arrows73 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:30 pm

Yeah, and I'm fed up with this.

PVP will be disabled in the spawn town (already done, borders will be visible on Dynmap tonight) and we might add /pvpoff, /pvpon as well.
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Postby Aribaba » Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:15 am

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