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Postby Pizzanakin » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:26 am

General Info
Clans are a collection of players that have decided to form a group in which they work together within our community. Members of clans get extra features that they can use in the dream dimension, and they can participate in clan leaderboards. If you are looking for more things to do on the server, or if you want to meet new players on the server, then clans is your best bet!

If any info on this page is unclear, please let us know so we can clarify and edit the main post!

Creating or joining a clan

To create a clan, you will need to apply for it on the forums. The prerequisite is that you are a group of 3 trusted players that want to form the clan. If you don't have 3 members, then you can't apply. Once you have 3 members, you can apply on the forums, and a staffmember will create the clan for you.

Extra: It would be nice if you think of some lore/background for your clan. This can be anything, like building in a particular style, believing in certain MC gods, only wanting to use a particular type of material, or even wilder. This isn't enforced, but it does add a nice bit of variety between the clans instead of just being different groups.

To join a clan, you can look on the forums to see which clans are available. You can leave a reply on the topic asking for an invitation, or you can ask players in-game. It is up to clans to decide who gets in and who doesn't.

Clan Leaderboards
Each month, we will hand out a prize to the clan that scores the most points on the clans leaderboard. After that, the leaderboards will reset to give all the clans a new fair chance.

Points can be earned by:
Winning a build contest
Winning rounds during an event
Winning minigames against other clan members
Giving good suggestions for new features to add to clans

We are still looking for more ideas on how to earn points.

Clan Build Contest
Each two weeks, we will have a new build contest. In this contest, we will give you a specific theme. You will have the opportunity to show your building skills as a clan, and in the end the best build will receive 10 points. The builds will be voted on by Aribaba, TheJonLondon, and myself, who will not be joining a clan.

The only rule for the build is that it has to be built on our server. You can build it in any dimension you want. Once the build is considered done, you can post it on the specific topic and one of the jury members will take screenshots of it. Any changes made after the screenshots are taken will not be added, this is to prevent us having to keep taking new screenshots. Please be aware of this before posting.

Clan Minigames Battle
If you want to earn points by playing minigames against other clan members, you have to make sure that there is a staffmember around to keep track. A win will not count if a staffmember is not around. The staffmember can be on irc, they just have to be aware that the game is going on. If there is ever doubt about who won a game, we withold the right to not give points to either clan.

If you have suggestions on how to improve these conditions, then please let us know.

Dream Dimension
We have added special new features to the dream dimension, specifically for clan members. This will make it more interesting, but also more rewarding to play on the new dimension! The features are as follows:

Clan Territory
In the Dream dimension, it is possible to capture territory for your clan. This territory is marked with the colour of your clan, and you and your clan members have special privileges inside it.
You cannot be attacked by other players, unless there is a raid going on.

Your tools will also break less fast when you are using them inside of your territory.

The amount of territory that you can have is limited by the amount of members you have. Each clan member adds 5 extra chunks to the maximum territory size.

New territory can only be claimed when it directly borders your already existing territory.

Clan Abilities
As a clan, you will get access to special abilities that you can use in combat.

At this point, we have four different abilities that you can choose from:
Shoot 5 arrows in a V-shape with a bow.
Summon 5 arrows at the location you are looking towards, up to 20 blocks away.
Teleport yourself to a random location within 5 blocks (similar to chorus fruit) to dodge.
Lunge yourself forward several blocks, allowing you to make bigger jumps or catch up with someone.

Before you can use these abilities, you will have to set up a clan fountain. This fountain is used to level up your clan. The longer you keep your fountain, the more levels your clan will obtain. Each level will unlock a new ability slot, and in this slot you can set one of the four abilities. Once you have an ability in a slot, you can select it while holding a weapon to use it.

To select abilities, you have to equip a sword or a bow. You can cycle through the abilities that your clan owner has put inside the slots of your clan. With your weapon equipped, you can press 'q' (or what you have set as the drop-item button) to select the next ability. The weapon will not drop on the floor, but you can still drop weapons by dragging them out of your inventory. If you have a bow, you can also press left-click to select the next ability. To activate an ability, you have to right click once with a sword, and right click twice with a bow.

Note: Volley can only be used if you are using a bow. You have to double click, and with the second click hold down the button to charge an arrow. Once you release it, it will shoot 5 arrows instead of one.

A fountain can only be created inside your clan territory, in the dream dimension. There are special conditions for when you want to place it. There has to be enough open space around it, it has to have a solid 3x3 platform, and you can't have more than 3 solid layers of block above it (so you can't bury it deep in the ground).

The amount of time your fountain has to be alive to reach each level:
Level 1 = 1 hour
Level 2 = 1 day
Level 3 = 4 days
Level 4 = 1 week
These values will most likely change. We haven't done a lot of testing in regards to balancing. If you feel like it is too easy or hard to get to a certain level, please let us know.

Clan Raids
Clan raids are an opportunity for your clan to destroy another clan's power. During a raid, it is the goal for the attacking clan to destroy the fountain of the defending clan. For the defending clan, it is the goal to kill all the attackers in the attacking clan.

During a raid, the attacking clan will take on several roles. These roles currently are: warrior, and scout.
Only a warrior will have the ability to damage players in the other clan. The scout will have the ability to break and place blocks, but these changes will not be permanent. Any blocks placed during a raid will not be returned after the raid is over. All the attackers will have the ability to damage the enemy fountain.

For a clan to start a raid, they will have to go into the enemy terrain first. It is also required to have at least one scout and one warrior before the raid can be started. The defending team will win as soon as all the original attackers have been killed. Additional members of the attacking clan can help their clan members, but they will not be able to keep the raid going if the original attackers are killed.

Clan Commands

These are the general commands that you can use to interact with your clan or others. You can use these commands in any dimension.

/clan info [clan]
Get information about a clan. If you don't enter a clan name, it will show you the information about your clan. You can specify a clan name to see information about their clan.

/clan leaderboard
Show the top 5 clans in the clans leaderboard.

/clan help [page]
See all the clan commands you can use in-game.

/clan invite <player>
Use this to invite a player to your clan. The player doesn't have to be online when you are sending the invitation, however they will only be notified of your invitation if they are online at that moment. Invitations can be sent by clan owners and clan admins.

/clan invite accept [clan]
If you are invited to a clan, you can use this command to accept the invitation. If you have more than one open invitation, you have to specify the clan name for the clan you want to join.

/clan colour <colour>
Set the colour for your clan. You will see this colour with your clan tag (the characters in chat that appear in front of your name) and with your territory border and fountain particles in the dream dimension.

/clan promote <player>
Promote a player in your clan to clan admin. This allows them to invite and remove other players. This command can only be used by the clan owner.

/clan demote <player>
Remove a player in your clan from admin rank. They can no longer invite or remove other players. This command can only be used by the clan owner.

/clan remove <player>
Remove a player from your clan. This command can only be used by clan owners and clan admins.

/clan delete
Delete your clan. This command can only be used by the clan owner.

These are the commands specific to the dream dimension.

/clan claim
Claim a chunk of the map as territory for your clan. The chunk can only be added to your territory if it directly borders a chunk that's already in your possession. The only exception to this is when your clan doesn't have any territory yet.

/clan release
Release a chunk of your territory.

/clan fountain
Place a fountain inside your territory. This command can only be used by the clan owner.

/clan role <role>
Select a new role for when you start raiding a clan.

/clan raid
Start a raid against another clan. This command can only be used when you are inside enemy territory.

/clan ability <slot> <ability>
Put an ability in a specific slot. For slot, you can enter the values 1-4. The abilities you can enter are: volley,
rain, teleport, dash. The abilities can only be set by the clan owner.
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Re: Clans Info

Postby Pizzanakin » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:50 pm

there's currently a small issue with getting the plugin to load on the dream dimension, so clans might not be available right from the start. we'll update you as soon as more is clear.
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