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Superlative Conspiracy SCC [Clan]

Postby OGsurfs » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:02 pm

Clan Name: Sugarcane Conspiracy Clan (aka - Superlative Conspiracy Clan)
Clan Tag: SCC
Members: OGsurfs, jijibono, _______

Background Lore: SCC is an experimental urban-ranch commune.
+1 to co-found an open committee of investors that pool quality building materials; such as netherbricks...
---- in exchange for access to items that can be farmed passively :pork:

From this stockpile we will construct an auto-sorting system that will expand into an HQ.
T1. A project-lobby filled with farms that cannot be automated :pig: this area (outside WG) open to new members.

T2. A drop-party dispenser room filled with passive-farm drops (from our pigman farm, iron golem farm, etc) dispensers will ensure constant drops multiple locations; refilled with rare stuff daily; this area available to members who have invested like a double-chest of quality building materials. :chest:

T3. access to auto-sorting storage for quality-building-material, permit for a spacious-customization-expandable apartment with adjacency to expandable-red-stone projects (like a massive sugarcane farm)
& a VIP lounge that functions as a villager trade hub, ejecting non-quality traders :bookshelf: to the lobby.

Our conspiracy is to create a super-centralized project plot; :diamond:
to exchange drops farmed passively ~ for your quality building materials [QBM]**
Rank will be calculated on a QBM** point system:
currently 54points=T1 ... 540pts=T2 ... 1080pts=T3 :worship: double chest has 54 slots... each stack is worth points
Iron-block= 320pts a stack
Quartz-block= 160pts
Netherbrick= 80pts
Glowstone/Sealantern= 60pts
Claybrick= 40pts
Stonebrick= 1pt
*rank/point scale subject to change
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