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Community Projects Information

Postby TheJonLondon » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:55 am


Main point of this section: This section is the place where we discuss and signup for different projects that are either introduced by staff, builders, regulars, etc. Hopefully this will bring everyone closer together and give us a lot more to do.

Some very basic rules about these projects and this section:
-If you have a project idea and want to introduce it, just have a talk with me first about it, don't just start posting topics in here. I don't want this section to be flooded with 50 project ideas at once.
-There is no direct "leader" in a specific project. Its really a discussion and working together. Sometimes leaders just naturally occur, but always work as a team.
-If there's ever an issue, even if I wasn't dealing with the project, you can always inform me about any problems. Same goes with any staff member.
-Usually if the project is near spawn, it'll likely have a bit more restrictions in terms of what you can do since its one of the first things people see. If the project is further away from spawn, there will be more freedom.
-Each project will likely have different plans, different jobs, etc. So read the specific project information as well.
-Have fun!
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