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Postby Pizzanakin » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:38 am

hey guys,

I'm willing to add a capture the flag type of gamemode to arenas. however, before I start working on this, I need to have some CTF arenas ready to be used. this means I am looking for some people who want to build a CTF arena on the main server. this will probably be a bit of a bigger project, so either you will have to do it with a group of friends or you will have to work for a longer time by yourself.

for those who don't know, CTF is a gamemode in which two teams battle each other from their home base. inside both of their home bases is a flag, and each team is trying to capture the other team's flag. the gamemode will pretty much look like that on LC: two teams battling and trying to capture a flag (coloured wool block).

here are some qualifications for a CTF arena:
- must be big, at least 50 x 50 (that size would be a 4 to 6 player map)
- 2 bases with defendable flag positions
- some nice pvp encounter zones in the middle of the map

here are some additional tips to add:
- some sneaky passages throughout the map
- some archery positions near the bases
- different heights across the map (not flat)
- terraformed

let me know if you are planning on making an arena. I will not be adding the CTF gamemode until the first CTF arena is done.
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