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Postby Pizzanakin » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:28 am

hey guys,

here are a few proposals for plugin ideas I have. please let me know which one you would prefer, so I can prioritize which I should make first.

I will probably end up making most of the stuff on this list. ps. the plugins might change from how they are described here, you can't complain about that based on stuff in this post.

- create a ticket that will be visible for staffmembers when they log in
- report crimes/misconduct easily from ingame
- request new worldguard regions or changes from ingame

- apply to have your friends whitelisted from ingame, and they will be added once a staffmember logs in
- receive rewards for having friends stay on the server

- warps to 'official' locations on the map (shopping area, games district, melon farm, perma city, etc.)
- obtain a book that lists each warp for you to click on and be teleported
- book can be accessed via a command (typing the command will just make the book appear on screen)
or can be kept as an item in your inventory (whatever players want to use/feels more vanilla to them)
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