Flowerbot Info (Registration and more)

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Flowerbot Info (Registration and more)

Postby Pizzanakin » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:50 pm

hey guys,

This will be the general info topic for flowerbot, with info on most commands and how to do things etc. :p

A greet is a message sent by the bot each time you join the server ingame or on IRC. To set or change your greet, use !setgreet <greet>.

!birtday and !setbirthday
You can set your birthday by using !setbirthday <day> <month> <year>. After this, you can use !birthday <name> to see when your next birthday is!

Want to know if you just missed Jon to ask him some important question? use !seen <name> to see when flowerbot last saw a player. the command works for both IRC and ingame. you can use !seen <name> [platform] to search on a specific platform, f.e. !seen thejonlondon irc or !seen pizzanakin ig. if you don't specify a platform, it will first look for ingame and then on IRC.

!deaths command
You can look up a player's deaths by using !deaths <playername>. The current database only counts the deaths since I added this feature (27DEC2017). If you want it to show the actual number since the map reset, then please tell me that number and I will change it for you.
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