flowerbot - command requests

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flowerbot - command requests

Postby Pizzanakin » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:56 pm

so as some of you might have seen, we have a new bot on irc. flowerbot is my attempt at recreating bot_tle, which was originally developed by okt. since we have no idea when okt might be back, there's no way of telling if bot_tle might get back too.

this is a side project for me. school has to come first on most days, but when I have some time off I'll be working on this. this is also the first time ever that I'm making a bot, for irc, that has to interact with two types of incoming messages (from irc users and ingame users), so please bear with me as I started this whole thing from scratch yesterday (sort of, I am using some api's).

if you wanna see the current commands of flowerbot, use !help.

I do intend to add all the fan-favourite commands from bot_tle, but every command that involved more than one standard reply will involve more work on my part. once I get a few of these special commands done, I'm sure my pace will increase. however for now flowerbot will most likely only be single reply answers. and for that I need you to fill up the database again with things for flowerbot to say.

so give me some suggestions on commands here. they can be in regards to server information (f.e. a link to a specific topic) or more towards jokes.

one thing that I do want to make clear is that flowerbot will be less spammy than bot_tle. there will be no multi-line replies or colours involved with this bot. (#blamejon)
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