Custom Elytra Textures - Download (32x32)

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Custom Elytra Textures - Download (32x32)

Postby SharkDice » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:05 pm


Hey! Are you sick of the same bland old boring Elytra textures? Do you want to spice up what you look like while flying around the world? I have put together a mini resource pack addon that compiles together a bunch of custom Elytra textures for you to use! All you have to do is rename an Elytra in an anvil to one of the corresponding names, and anyone with the resource pack will be able to see your custom Elytra!

Note: This pack does NOT replace your resource packs! It is simply an addon. It will ONLY replace the Elytra textures! You may use your own resource packs in combination with this pack.

This pack REQUIRES Optifine!

Download Link ...

Elytra Names:

- Angel
- Beetle
- Blackbird
- Buzz
- Cartoon Angel
- Charizard
- Corona
- Demon
- Dragonfly
- Eagle
- Enderdragon
- Firebird
- Funky
- God Squad
- Green Dragon
- Jetpack
- Macaw
- Minecon 2015
- Monarch
- Neon
- Plane
- Prismarine
- Red Dragon
- Shark
- Skeleton
- Slimeball
- Waterblue

Enjoy! - SharkDice
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