Blaze XP Farm

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Blaze XP Farm

Postby Frawgy22 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:51 am

Hello all,

I have made a Blaze XP Farm in the Nether and it is super close to the spawn. I added signs that will direct you to the location. The coords are x:-69 z:133

Fastest way to get to it is to turn around after entering the Nether and continuing straight to take a slight right down the smaller hallway. Follow the netherrack bridge to the fortress and the signs will take you through to where you need to be,

While the popularity of this will be short lived as we will have a Enderman farm by approximately mid next week. (Partly by guess and short idea as how long it took in the past.)

Please do not break blocks as you might kill the redstone and or release a horde of angry blaze.

Thanks in advance and enjoy. - Frawgy
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