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Crates Information

Postby Aribaba » Sun Mar 20, 2016 7:45 pm

Mystery Crates

Mystery Crates (or Mystery Boxes) are a way to get items that are not obtainable in survival minecraft. We use them mainly to get decoration heads, which are playerheads with different skins (such as pokemon heads, fruits...) that can be used to decorate your builds, but we also use it to obtain items that are not easy to get due to their limited supply in the server, f.e. elytras. We also use them as a tool to create rewards for events, tournaments...

To buy crates, we use LiberCoins. LiberCoins is an ingame currency which is ONLY used for the crates, and can't be traded between players (we are not an economy server, therefore we don't allow money to be used for shops and trades, only for our crates). You earn LiberCoins just by being online (20 coins each 20 mins), or by winning them in events.

To check how many LiberCoins you have, do the command /money

-Each headbox has 5 possible heads. You get one of those 5 based on a random probability. Cost = 60 LiberCoins
Note: Color and Alphabet boxes cost 30 coins
-The ElytraBox has 1 elytra. You will always get that as reward (i.e. it is not luck-based). Cost = 1500 LiberCoins
-The MyHeadBox has 1 head of the player that opens it. You will always get that as reward. Cost = 500 LiberCoins
-Each shulkerbox has 1 purple shulker box. You will always get that as reward. Cost = 1000 LiberCoins

How to buy a crate:

/cr buy (name) (amount)


Format: (Category)Box(number)

Categories: Food (1-58) | Devices (1-10) | Misc (1-16) | Alphabet (1-24) | Interior (1-10) | Color (1-7) | Blocks (1-27) | Mobs (1-10) | Games (1-14) | Characters (1-11) | Pokemon (1-32) | Animals (1-40) | StarWars (1-12) | ElytraBox | MyHeadBox | ShulkerBox

Example: /cr buy InteriorBox4 1
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