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General Server Rules

Postby Arrows73 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:51 am


1. Cheating

  1. Cheating is not allowed.
  2. The usage of any mod that gives you advantages over other players is not allowed.
  3. A list of mods/mod types that are allowed:
    1. Optifine
    2. Minimap mods
      NOTE: They may only show the same info as our dynmap (but with players always being disabled).
    3. Shaders
    4. Armour / Effects HUDs
    5. Horse Stats mods
    NOTE: These aren't the only mods you can use. This list is to prevent questions about commonly used mods.

2. Buildings and structures

  1. Griefing is not allowed.
  2. Do not build any floating structures.
    NOTE: It is allowed to build floating structures if they are meant to float in real life (f.e. air balloons or planes). If you want to start a specific project which uses floating structures, please open a topic and ask for permission. Adding gigantic (unrealistic) pillars to make something non-floating is disallowed (f.e. one-block towers).
  3. Do not build any offensive or stupid signals (swastikas, penis...).
  4. Any nether farms built must be public and not redstone automatic. Nether fortresses must not be excessively destroyed. If staff feels that a nether fortress has been edited too much/destroyed, we reserve the right to roll back the damages.
  5. If you claim a guardian farm or witch hut, please actually work on it. Do not just claim it and never make a farm of it. In cases where a person does not make progress at all in a fairly timed manner, we can consider making the structure free to claim for someone else. We will be very fair on this, and it will be case by case.
  6. Do not build enderfarms, since we have a public official one.
  7. Do not lock portals in the Nether. In the normal world, it would be appreciated if you don't lock any nether portal either, because it would affect the planned netherhub too.
  8. Inside a town, a town owner can make rules about building BEFORE someone builds inside. This means that if you built a house inside a town, nobody can tell you after a week that it will be destroyed. So building rules inside towns hold true if they are created before you build in it.
  9. Do not live in or claim Woodland Mansions. Also please do not grief the Woodland Mansions. They are rarely found on the map and the mobs will get refreshed every x amount of time. This way everyone has some opportunity to kill the mobs found in the Woodland Mansions.

3. Stealing

  1. Stealing is disallowed in general.
    NOTE: Obviously, this includes animals - It is not allowed to kill or steal animals or farms that belong to other people.

4. Killing

  1. You can kill anyone who has PVP on. You can disable pvp with /pvp.
  2. Do not attack admins or moderators when they are taking care of their duties.
  3. If you are a trusted player, do not use Flint & Steel, lava or TNT to kill another player when he has PVP deactivated.
  4. You cannot spam-kill a player without their consent. Give them time to disable PVP after killing them once.
    NOTE: If the player does consent to being spam-killed, it is allowed as long as it doesn't cause spam in the chat (see Rule 7.2)

5. Pranking

  1. If you want your place to be pranked, you need to sign up at the pranking building with your nickname and your base coords.
  2. You can only be pranked in the places you list, and not in your other buildings.
  3. If you prank someone, you need to leave a sign with your nickname.
  4. The prank must be harmless (Any blocks you break must be restored by you, either by leaving them in a chest or placing them nearby).
  5. You lose your rights on the stuff you used to prank (f.e. if you make a house be full of obsidian, that obsidian is owned by the pranked guy).
  6. You can't grief valuable stuff (dia blocks...).
  7. Don't mess with redstone.
  8. Traps are allowed if players do not lose their items or the items are given back to them right after they die (thus, either you are online and give them their items back or they are able to collect their items).
  9. These rules still apply for clans. This means that if a clan has a base or any building and they want it to be prank-able, they need to list it with the name of the clan and the coords.
  10. Pranking any place which isn't listed is considered griefing.

6. Shopping district

  1. Each player may only own 1 shop at the shopping district. This means you can't use an alternate account to get a 2nd plot.
  2. You can't sell your own shop to other player, you may only sell it to the server's management if you need to sell it.
  3. Height limit = 30 blocks from the ground.
  4. Do not join plots.
  5. You get your shop removed if you are inactive for 20 days.
  6. If your shop is empty and not restocked in 20 days, it is removed.
  7. After getting your plot, you have 2 weeks to get it built and running, otherwise it will be removed.
  8. You need to be trusted before you are allowed to get a plot.
  9. Your shop must not exceed 20 combined item frames/armor stands. This is to reduce fps lag many of our players have had experienced in the shop district due to certain shops having 100+ armor stands/item frames.
  10. We don't give logs support for chest-hoppers shop systems.

7. Chat

  1. The chat is English only, please use /tell for other languages.
  2. Insulting and/or spamming is not allowed in any of our services (LiberCraft, IRC, forum). If you spam ingame and continue after a warning from a moderator or admin or you spam consecutively without a warning (i.e. you cannot just spam if there's nobody who can warn you), you will get one warning point.
  3. Do not abuse caps all the time.
  4. Do not ask staff members to teleport you around.
  5. Obviously it isn't allowed to give any personal info of other players in any case (forum, irc, IG chat, TS3...).
  6. Advertisements in any of our services of other Minecraft servers of any kind - also without giving the actual IP address of an other server - are not allowed. In general, breaking this rule leads to a direct ban from our servers.
    NOTE: It is allowed to tell other players about your channel on youtube, your web stream or any other web service as long as this is not connected to a gameserver of any kind.
    NOTE: Obviously, asking or telling other players to use third-party services to distribute the actual IP-address to them is not allowed either.
    NOTE: See this topic for more info: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2510

8. IRC, TS3 & Forum

  1. It is not allowed to spam in the IRC, our forums or on our teamspeak server.
  2. All other rules which are not directly connected to Minecraft are valid on the IRC server, the teamspeak server and the forums as well.
  3. Don't revive forum topics that are dead for over a month, unless you have something good to say.
  4. English is the only language allowed in forums and IRC. Use private messages or any other service if you want to talk in a different language.
  5. Do not double post. Edit your post instead.
  6. To have voice at IRC, ask any admin and follow the instructions.
  7. At the forums, it is not allowed to revive an old topic by saying "lock this topic", as it isn't neccesary to lock all topics after they become inactive.
  8. Both TS and IRC nicknames need to be your ingame nickname, or very similar.

9. AFK

  1. The usage of any bypass-antiafk third party program is disallowed.
  2. Bypassing/trying to bypass our antiafk systems will lead to a high amount of warning points or directly a ban from our server.
  3. If your farms cause server lag, you will be requested to change it. Failing to do so will lead to warning points/ban.

10. Events

NOTE: These event specific rules will most times not give you warning points, but breaking them will result in being temporarily kicked/banned from the event.
  1. In our events, any rules not conflicting with the goal of the event still count.
    NOTE: For example, Rule 3 and Rule 4 do not count in UHC and SkyWars, but Rule 7 does.
  2. Do not tower up to the sky in any of our events!
    NOTE: In SkyWars you are allowed to tower up to the highest block on the map but not any blocks higher! In UHC, towering in caves is allowed everywhere but the surface of the overworld.
  3. Max offline time in UHC is 15 minutes.
  4. Minimum players to play UHC is 5.
  5. You can't trap nether portals in UHC.
  6. Do not ask for spectator mode in UHC.
    NOTE: Spectator mode will only be given to staffmembers or players that used a UHC coupon to host a UHC.
  7. The first 20 minutes of UHC is a grace period. PVP is not allowed in this period.
    NOTE: The grace period may be shorter/longer due to specific wishes from a donator.

11. Namechanges

  1. We do not accept "troll" namechanges. Accounts that have trolling names or names very similar (and obviously trolling) to the nicks of other players of our server, will be banned and won't be unbanned unless you change your nick again (nick changes are just allowed 1 time per month (by Mojang), so keep that in mind). A good example of a namechange that wouldn't be allowed is "Aribuba".

12. Inactiveness/banned players

  1. You can only be inactive for 1 month, after that time your stuff will be removed. If you are going to be inactive for a longer defined period, post it at inactiveness section and each case will be considered individually. If the inactiveness is not stated, your buildings and stuff (chests...) will no longer belong to you. The server management will take care of them, deciding what to do:
    *)Destroy a building
    *)Make it public
    *)Sell it
  2. For permanently banned players, the stuff stated above holds true.
  3. Temporarily banned players won't get their stuff destroyed (even if they are banned for 2 months).

13. Report System (ticket system):

  1. Making reports that are not real reports or reports that are non-sence will result in a warning the first time using the report/ticket system.
  2. All reports after the warning will result in 1 warning points per fake or non-sence report using the report/ticket system.

14. Notes:

  1. Obviously, any action (in general) against the server (f.e. attempting to crash it) is punished with a permaban.
  2. Owners may ban players without giving reasons (this is done in exceptional cases).
  3. Every member, if banned, can write an unban appeal.
  4. In general, we expect you to behave normally and act friendly and open towards other players. Players who act like cowards towards other players, players who act immature or do not fit in the community in general will be removed from the whitelist.
  5. Evading or trying to evade a temporary ban on any of our services will lead to a permanent ban.
  6. We obviously do not support any kind of illegal activity. Thus, talking about "hacks", "cheats" or any kind of "warez" (pirated / cracked software) in any possible way will lead to a ban from our services.
  7. Trusted members won't be directly demoted for small punishments (f.e. 1 warning point). However, they will be demoted if they get a high amount of warning points (more than 3).
  8. Players demoted from trusted can reapply 2 weeks after their demotion, even if they still have warning points.
  9. It is not allowed to abuse Minecraft bugs/glitches.
  10. It is not allowed to bully people on Skywars.
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