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Dear players,

I'll give you further information about the advertisement rule, since it could be a bit misleading.

The rule says that:
- Advertisements in any of our services of other Minecraft servers of any kind - also without giving the actual IP address of an other server - are not allowed. In general, breaking this rule leads to a direct ban from our servers.
Note: It is allowed to tell other players about your channel on youtube, your web stream or any other web service as long as this is not connected to a gameserver of any kind.
Note: Obviously, asking or telling other players to use third-party services to distribute the actual IP-address to them is not allowed either.

So to clear this up a bit:

*) Playing on other servers is allowed, of course. We obviously do not have the right to forbid this and we will never ban a player for playing somewhere else.
*) It's not allowed to give the IP or the name of another Minecraft server to another player on LC.
*) It's not allowed to f.e. add someone from LC on Skype and then use Skype to distribute other server IPs. Obviously, we cannot check or control this but usually someone reports it and provides proof.
*) It's allowed to give the IP and the name of other servers which aren't connected to Minecraft (servers of other computer games) to other players on LC.
*) It's allowed and encouraged to advertise your Youtube channel, stream or anything else as long as it does not involve IPs or names of other Minecraft servers.

The rule is there to protect the playerbase of LiberCraft, i.e. to prevent players from opening their own servers and luring players onto their own servers by promising them a better community, mod / admin status etc. It's one of the most important rules we have at the moment, since it ensures that LiberCraft stays as entertaining as it is now! :)

*) Peter is a player on LiberCraft. Peter also likes to play on Roleplay servers, which is why he also plays on a different Minecraft server regularly.
-> Allowed! We will never and cannot force anyone to play here and obviously, you will not be removed from the whitelist either.

*) Max plays on LiberCraft with his friends Anna, Paul and Stephen which he knew before joining LiberCraft (i.e. they are either friends in real life, or they played together on other servers before). He also likes to play on a different server with those friends.
-> Allowed, but they must not talk about the servers they play on or give the server IPs to anyone else on LiberCraft.

*) Andrew plays on LiberCraft. He built a house together with RobbyTaavi. He asks RobbyTaavi if he wants to play on a different server he knows.
-> Not Allowed.

*) Andrew plays on LiberCraft. He built a house together with RobbyTaavi. He knows that advertising is forbidden, so he adds RobbyTaavi on Facebook and then sends him the IP of a different server and asks him if he wants to join.
-> Not Allowed.

I hope that clears everything up a bit!

Thanks for reading.
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