(postponed) Boat Rally on Saturday, 26th of January!

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(postponed) Boat Rally on Saturday, 26th of January!

Postby ABJL » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:29 pm

Postponed until further notice

Boat Rally!


This Saturday we'll do something different - we welcome all of you to a boat rally! :) As you may know Pizzanakin started the idea of having a nice riverside houses district and later we came up with idea of having a boat rally. The river needed some tweaking, but now it follows in a nice loop from the north of spawn (please see map below). I've marked the route with yellow line. If you wish to participate, please gather near the starting point (north-east of spawn) at the designated time.

Its Almost:
(Please note that the event will start 1 hour later than usual event time)


How it is going to work?

1) Please bring your own boats.
2) We'll have multiple rounds, fastest player of the first round will get a prize. The first round will be special, so make sure you'll be there!
3) In addition to racing, you'll have a chance to earn points in a different way as well, so you can choose your strategy. The details will be announced just before the start.

The main goal of the rally is not to just race, but to have fun, enjoy the nice scenery and do something different for a change :) Big thanks to everybody who have built their awesome houses near the river, it makes the riverside much more lively and the whole rallying experience more enjoyable :)
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Re: Boat Rally on Saturday, 26th of January!

Postby Pizzanakin » Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:18 am

Sorry for the confusion, but there has been a misunderstanding and the boat rally will not take place on saturday.

It will still happen, but more time is needed to prepare. The event will be postponed until further notice.
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