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Map Submissions for Events

Postby Pizzanakin » Sun May 22, 2016 10:16 am

Hey, most of you already knew, but if you're not a builder on LC, you can still make maps for our events. You can do this in single player and then send the maps to us to import it.

Now there hasn't been a clear tutorial/guide/topic/whatever with info about how you can do this. So here it is. Ofc before we accept a map we want to know how it looks, so include screenshots too. We won't accept anything without it by default (it isn't an easy process to move these maps and to do all of this only to find out a map sux after importing is a waste of our time).

When posting a map here, use the following form:
Code: Select all
Map name:
Description/Extra notes:
Download link:

The downloadable file should be a schematic file (.schem) and not a world file (level.dat). If you send us a world file, we can't directly import it into our build server so we will automatically reject it. To make a schematic file, you can either use the external program McEdit, or you can find a mod like singleplayer commands which will add worldedit to your singleplayer world and use that to export it.

And last but not least: I won't make any promises, but we don't only select builders by our builder events. If you make enough maps for our events and they look nice enough, we might consider giving you builder rank too.

obligatory make this topic sticky pls
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Re: Map Submissions for Events

Postby someone » Sun May 22, 2016 5:29 pm

Map name: Sumo 2.0
Event: Skywars
Description/Extra notes: Just an updated version of sumo with some modifications
Download link: (Thanks Austin and Cynical!)
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