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Arcade Games are back!

Postby Aribaba » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:03 pm



our old non-pvp event, Arcade Games, is coming back to the server! It was offline for a few months because it got heavily bugged (with minecraft updates) and it was not possible to fix back then. We have reconfigurated it all again, and it is now ready to be played again.

Since we have a lot of new players that have joined way after Arcade got bugged, I'm posting this announcement again.

Arcade Games are a collection of small minigames that are not based on minecraft pvp combat. We currently have 4 minigames (more coming soon):


Folium, a TNTRun map by valtterj and Nailgun.

This is a famous minecraft gametype and can be found on a lot of servers. Players are placed into an arena with a few floors made of sand/gravel (and tnt). You have to run around and never stop, because the ground breaks under your feet! Be the last player alive to win the game :D


Mario, a Spleef arena by MineLars (giant Mario by torvtak).

Again, a well-known minecraft gametype. Break the snow floor with your shovel and throw your enemies to the lava pit.

In our version of the game, when you break the floor you get snowballs that you can throw to break the floor too.

Build Battle

Build Battle arena by valtterj. Bad quality snake by me :(

In Build Battle, 20 players are given a the same theme and 5 minutes to build in their plots. When the time is over, all the players will be teleported to each plot to review and vote out of 6 ratings(in 20 seconds). The plot with the most points wins the game!

Guess N Draw

Guess N Draw arena by Aribaba95. "Light House" (not really) by xlauren14x

Similar to Pictionary, one player gets sent to the drawing platform and gets a word. You have 80 seconds to draw while other players try to guess the word by typing it in the chat. First player to guess gets the most points (8) but the rest of the players can still guess it for a few points. Each player will be the drawer in one round, and the player with the most points in the end wins!

Our Guess N Draw game has a fun feature: your drawings can get uploaded to imgur. You will be asked in chat if you want to upload your picture at the end of your drawing round, and the game will give you a link for it. You can see an example here

We will be hosting Arcade Games this Sunday: Countdown

Thanks for your attention and have fun! :D
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