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New Homes Plugin!

Postby Pizzanakin » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:02 pm

Hey there!

Today we are updating our homes plugin with my new LiberHomes plugin, written for specially for LiberCraft :D

The features of the plugin are almost the same as the previous one, however the things behind the scenes are a little different. This allows us to now also have a single extra home in the dream dimension! This home is completely exclusive to the dream dimension. You can only reach it from there, and you cannot reach other homes from there either.

Most of the commands are the same, but here is a full list of all the commands:

/h <name> or /home <name>
teleports you to a specific home

/sethome <name>
sets a new home with this name. the home can't already exist.

/changehome <name>
change an already existing home to a new location.

/delhome <name>
delete an existing home

see all your existing homes

Please note!

Do not worry about having to set new homes. The plugin has an automatic converter, so you can just continue using the plugin with your old homes. They will automatically be converted if you do /home <name>. It will give you a message if you successfully converted it. Please make sure that the first thing you do is convert your homes, and do not do anything else with them before they are converted. Otherwise this can lead to problems.
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