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Postby TheJonLondon » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:11 pm

After receiving a massive amount of suggestions for LC to have a discord, we've decided that we'll have a discord. This doesn't mean that we are removing teamspeak, we'll have both at least for the time being.

Two ways to join our discord:
-Ask a staff member for an invite
-Just pm me/friend me at my discord tag: TheJonLondon#9759

Here are the rules for our discord:
1) All rules from Libercraft apply to this discord server. This includes aspects such as advertising, being respectful to everyone, being mature, and more.
2) Please do not spam or advertise in general without permission from staff
3) Do not invite people who are not a part of Libercraft to this discord. This discord is only meant for players who have played on Libercraft.
4) You are obviously allowed to play other games on our discord with your friends from Libercraft
5) Its preferable that your name is something similar to your ingame name or something people usually call you.
6) Have fun

Any suggestions about it are more than welcome
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