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Big Server Announcement!

Postby Pizzanakin » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:33 am

hey everyone!

the staff team has been silent for longer than we would have liked, but luckily now that's time to change!
we've had a few changes behind the scenes, and these will also begin to impact the server/community as
a whole. I will introduce these changes to you through this post.

Goodbye Jon
so first off, as you already know, Jon (TheJonLondon) has stepped down as community leader as he is
becoming more busy with real life. I will be replacing him as head of the community. Jon, I want to thank
you for the time you have invested in LC, because without you this place would have definitely not been
the same as it is now. thank you for everything you put into the community, and good luck with the rest of
your life. also I'm happy that you won't be gone.

New plans?
so what will happen to LC in the future? have we been secretly preparing a new release for the server
that will be out soon? sadly, no.
I'm just gonna be quite honest and straightforward here: the staff team hasn't really been active either the
last few months. it's not that we didn't have anything to say or do, but the fact was that Jon was often too
busy in order to quickly reply to our ideas (not bashing him, it just shows that he made the right decision
to take care of his life + LC). this meant that it was hard for any 'real' decisions to be made, and that's why
we can't make any real promises at the moment. we're not magicians, by rushing things we only create an
opportunity for mistakes. we do want to keep working on the server, but things have to get reorganised a
bit first.

Background on me becoming owner
now here I will be writing a bit about my personal history from the last year, which will lead to why I made
the decision to lead the community and what I intend to do while I am in this position. this might end up a
bit long, so if you are not interested, feel free to skip to the next section :P

it's obvious that the community is not the same as it was in the past. we don't have the same amount of
activity as we used to have in the past, and players are no longer forming online relationships on our
platform that truly create the sense of community that we are here for (at least not as much as we used
to). I think those are the two main important features of our community to be 'alive':
- always have people online to talk to when you are playing on the server
- create friendships with people from all over the world because of that
but I do believe that there are still many in the community who are 'dormant', waiting to return once the
community is alive again. we know what LC can be when it's active and alive, and we want to experience
that again. it's just hard to participate in that process when it looks like the server is dying.
so this has always been happening, as a staff-team we've always been 'fighting inactivity'. but in the past,
it was just way easier to solve these things with things like events, clans, and other activities on the
server. however, eventually all these solutions also run its course, and then if you're left with nothing, the
server will just slowly fade away. while this was happening, my first reaction was to start fighting harder
for the server. this was back in the spring/early summer, when I was working on those plugins. I was
hoping that they would contribute in bringing back life to the server, by reintroducing the old ideas that
made LC fun, but by bringing them in a more 'modern' fashion. obviously the plugins themselves weren't
gonna be the solution, but I was hoping that they would draw in more players so that the server would

become more active, and that from there things would just go naturally. this didn't happen, and eventually
I ended up getting a burnout at the end of summer.
during this burnout, I had to really take stock of what things deserve priority in my life. and I had come to
the conclusion that LC could at that point not be one of them. I had already been trying to revive the
server for 6 months, without any success. this was not an easy decision to make, as I really didn't want to
give up and keep working on the server. but I couldn't do that if it meant giving up my personal
health/security. once I had made this decision, LC started to become less and less important, which I had
a lot of mixed feelings about. I didn't want LC to become unimportant, but on the other hand, I figured that
by focusing on the future, perhaps I would encounter something new that would give me better chances
to create this 'online community' that I always enjoyed. and then once I succeeded, I could hopefully invite
other members from the LC community, in order to share this new place with them.
the reason why I felt so weird about this, is because it kind of felt like starting a rebel server, which I never
wanted to do. but it kind of felt like the only solution at the time. this was the situation I was in when Jon
approached me about becoming the community leader. the fact that he did this, changed my entire world
view about 'solving this problem'. now I can actually work on 'my own' community, without having to set
up a rebel server which is 'different' from LC. and if I succeed, then that means the revival of LC! which is
something we will all enjoy!

LC goes commercial
now I do have to step out of fairy-tale-land for a while, as things are not truly as easy as I just made it
look. while I do really want to work on LC's revival, the burnout also taught me a very valuable lesson: I
need money to stay alive.

I'm not sure how many of you were aware of this, but I was basically working on the plugins for LC for 6
months, without getting paid for it, and just living off my student loans. this wasn't really the best mindset
to be working in, as it obviously doesn't work out for the long run, and this is also what heavily contributed
to my burnout. so when Jon offered me to become the owner of LC, I made it very clear to the rest of the
staff team that my only condition for becoming owner is that I want to turn LC into a job and that LC
should become profitable in the long run.

I hope that the community will understand this decision, and does not see it as simply LC becoming a
sell-out and going the corporate route. this is the last thing that I want to do, as it contradicts all of my
previously stated desires for this community to be a living place where people can connect. but the reality
is also that this community just can't exist if there isn't some profit being made, as I am also way to busy
with real life (just like Jon) in order to do this free of charge. the community will also always stay free to
access, and will never be subscription based. I will also do everything in my power to prevent pay2win
structures. the money earned will happen in the exact same way as it happens now, just on a larger
scale: through donations that offer cosmetic upgrades, or things that benefit the whole community (like
homes). the profit will also be equally distributed between the right parties: Arrows will get his share for
hosting the server, each member of the staff team (including me) would get paid on the basis of how
many hours they worked, and some of the money might even go to third parties (advertising the server +
working with companies to 'build us up')

So what will actually be different?
we don't have a lot of concrete examples of what changes will be brought to the server because of this.
that's because a lot of these things are very new in development, they are just ideas that we are talking
about. we want to develop these ideas further, and make sure they will work well before we implement
them. but to answer the question 'what will be different': everything, and nothing. essentially, we want to
keep the spirit of LC the same, but this does mean that certain outward characteristics will have to

to give you an example: in the past, we've had clans on LC (twice). clans were a fun addition because it
allowed people to form groups on the server and play together. clans were a system created by the staff
team, while initially being requested by the community.
we want to continue with offering the community a way to form groups, and we also want to keep the
community involved by how these groups will look like/be called. but that doesn't necessarily mean we will
literally be recreating the clans system.
we are currently talking about a city system, which is inspired by the creation of Hytack. cities will add
more functionality to groups than clans did, as cities can trade/participate in sports/have citizens who do

similar things can be said about events/minigames: they will return, for the sake of bringing people
together. but maybe it does end up being a little bit different from how skywars/survival games/first strike
used to be, but those changes will also be made because we hope it will make them more fun. in the end,
we will always be communicating with the community about the best way for us to continue with the
features on our server.

for now, if you want to get a full picture of what I have in mind, you can read this document: ... iK0s48tTn0
this is a 43 page document detailing a model which I want to implement on the server, as well as a more
detailed description of the monetization aspects.

I imagine not everyone has the time to read such a long document, so I will write a short summary:
- the cities model will be extended with a lot of functionality, adding wealth (gained through: production,
trade, tourism, and minigames). players can form groups together to build a city, and cities can compete
against each other for the best score.
-- production is counted by the number of items farmed/produced by your city, so building good automatic
farms or other efficient designs helps your score
-- trade is counted by selling your items to other players, so having a good business model in-game for
your shops rewards your city
-- tourism is counted by how well rated your city is by other players (and maybe also the amount of
visitors), so building a nice looking city helps your score
- the return of minigames, being integrated with the cities model. winning the weekly events contributes to
the city score, and so even players who are only interested in minigames can 'fit in' and help survival
players with their goals. and vice versa, there's more incentive for survival players to participate in
- the server will start preparing for Hytale. Hytale's release date is announced to be in 2021, which means
we still have at least one year to prepare. we want to continue this model into Hytale once it comes out,
and we see that as the 'official launch' of this model. the time beforehand in Minecraft (1 year to 1.5
years) will be used to experiment with the model, and to test different features, to see what is the most

this last point is important. it means that we will not really 'guarantee' any concrete long-term experiences
in Minecraft anymore, but we will once Hytale comes out. we might have a certain experience for a certain
amount of months, and then remove it for the purpose of testing. we will be communicating with the
community about how mechanics and elements are received, and popular mechanics can definitely be
expected to return in the final model once Hytale releases. in Hytale, we will not randomly change or reset
large elements of the experience anymore.

note: I don't think it will affect the gameplay that much.
we want to evolve the model into a configuration where all parts fit together, so if we do
find mechanics/features that are popular, we don't necessarily have a reason to take it out either. once it
works well, we will just start working on other features. but the fact that we want to experiment, means we
will also be resetting the map more often. this can mean that a certain experience which is considered
'fun' will be cut short due to a map reset. please just keep this in mind when that happens. it's not
because we want to prevent you guys from having fun, but it's because we want to make sure you can
have the most fun once Hytale comes out.

Finally, here's a poll. This is mostly to get a response to these updates, and to see how the community
would currently divide into the currently presented model. For this reason, I would ask you to read the
document if you were thinking about doing so before answering the poll. Here's the link to the poll:

Thanks for making it all the way down this update post guys! I want to thank you on behalf of the whole
staff team for sticking with us, and we hope you are all willing to help us get this community alive and
thriving again!

I also want to wish all of you a happy holiday and a blessed 2020!

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