Pls give a read and think :)

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Pls give a read and think :)

Postby Moomeistermoly » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:46 pm

Hey everyone idk who will end up reading this but here's the story of the fuckery, buffoonery and twattery I experienced today:

Basically since I passed my driving test in May I've been parking at the end of this road a street away from me bc I never find a space on my road as everyone thinks it's free parking and take up space but its permit stuff there.
Anyway I park up after picking my mum up from work and this road is shaped like a pin and i have always parked at the ball end if u feel me.
The elderly couple at the end of the road have a disability car that's always parked next to mine but today the elderly man came out and started giving my mum (Who doesn't drive my car.) grief about being parked in that turning space days on end and taking up a turning space, despite there being 0 signage and 0 yellow lines, so a road legal taxed vehicle like mine can be parked there no problem.

As my mum was trying to explain this I was just completely shook and silent, he wouldn't let my mum get a word in between his and started shushing her and waving his finger directly infront of her face, all the while getting close and closer to her. Over about a minute this went back and forth and my mum totally kept her cool like a true Brit, however the man just kept shouting and pointing directly at her face.

I managed to shout and get his attention and say that on my road I never find a space so i've been parking quietly in a small corner with my tiny car (Old Peugeot 106 - smaller than a golf just for UK comparison.) alongside his larger KIA, both of us leaving plenty of space for vans and cars to turn as irrelevant to this there is building work being done on a house down the road, yet all of us manage to park and manoeuvre and leave spaces for more cars. As you can imagine I didn't get this out as a full sentence as he proceeded to get extremely close to my face, spit on me and start calling me and my mum fat lazy slobs and slags.

After the start of the insults my mum made me get out her phone and start recording, so we got evidence of him actually jabbing my mum and physically assaulting her, his wife then came out and tried to pull him away from my mum because he decided to get really close in her face again and spit on her. I tried to tell him he was being extremely rude and that parking there is my legal right and I will continue to do so, although I was only met with the threat that if he punched my mum 'she wouldn't get up again'.

I did start having a panic attack after that fearing we could get hurt and this could escalate so I tried to get my mum to walk home down the road with me but she wanted to stay until he backed away from my car and went back to his house. We managed to catch his name on video and checked what number house he lived in before we went home and then walked to the police station up the road from us. The officer was SO kind to us and said everything is legal and I have the right to park where I do, we sorted everything out, filed a complaint and i've been told if he comes out of his house and comes near me again I can call 999 straight away.

I really don't want people thinking this is a 'woe is me' post but I thought putting this on the forums might serve as a permanent record which everyone can easily find and that you can read what happened today and just think before you act more. Just be polite and use manners more. Just be a normal decent human being and don't start popping off on people because you have your own shit going on.

This world does not need more shitty people doing shitty things and I just think today if that man had just acted his age and been more collected and mature, I could have avoided going to the police, fearing for me and my mum and having panic attacks.


(plus being frowny and angry makes you age faster FACT.)
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Re: Pls give a read and think :)

Postby Pizzanakin » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:33 pm

I think you both acted really well and mature in that situation, it just sucks that some people are like that. don't sweat too much about it because now you know for sure you didn't do anything wrong :thumbup:
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Re: Pls give a read and think :)

Postby Aribaba » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:20 am

Agree with pizza, that was pretty mature and definetively the right way to go. On the other hand, I am always really polite in real life (believe it or not, I'm not like I am in the server kek), and I would have stayed calm too while he shouts, but that would end in the moment he spits on me lol. He can definetively expect to have 1 mirror less in his Kia if he spits on me.


The elderly couple at the end of the road have a disability car


threat that if he punched my mum 'she wouldn't get up again'.

Is that guy fucking retarded? I guess he doesn't really care about what happens to himself because lol...
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