LiberCraft - IRC Server

Welcome to our IRC Server!

To connect to the IRC server, you can either use one of the two web clients below or a client of your choice (mIRC, for example).
Feel free to join IRC from your phone as well! There are many different clients for smartphones, as, for example, AndroIRC (Android) or MangoLite (Mac).

Connection information:

IP: /
Port: 6667
Channels: #libercraft and #uhc

Important - Moderated Channel

To prevent spamming, #libercraft is a moderated channel. This means that you need a voice status to be able to talk. On your client, it might still look like you can type something, but nobody else can read it unless you have a voice status! Please ask any of our moderators ingame or via IRC PM (double click on their names) to give you a voice status.

Alternatively, you can also register on the IRC server to keep your voice status. To do this, use /ns register [password] [e-mail] and ask a moderator to give you a permanent voice status. Whenever you join IRC, you can use /ns identify [password] to login and receive your voice status automatically.

Choose a client to connect: